Store it once,
access it anywhere.

Store your data across multiple regions, access it in milliseconds with auto-generated GraphQL schema and built-in Instant Search.

Auto-generated GraphQL

Easily access your data with the auto-generated GraphQL schema for each of your lists. No more setting up custom GraphQL servers.

Easily define relationships between all your lists, then query them with one request.


Save time with SDKs

Easily store, manage and access your data via the JavaScript SDK, React component library or REST API.

(SDKs for Python, Go and other languages coming soon)

const { createClient } = require('@contential/content');
const contential = createClient({
  apiKey: 'e347fea300b50578870fda807ec455',

    regionId: 'us',
    spaceId: '4dcb2eaf1d',
    listId: 'my-list',
    localeId: 'en-US',
    data: [{"message":"The first list item."}],
  .then(result => console.log(result))
  .catch(error => console.log(error));

Search your data with ease

Store hundreds or millions of records in a list and retrieve them in milliseconds.

Your data is automatically indexed, allowing you to search your lists with built-in Instant Search. Also, don't worry about typos, Contential handles those for you with fuzzy matching.

Excel to GraphQL

Add GraphQL to Contentful

Bring all your Contentful data in one place with Content Sync. Contential automatically adds a GraphQL schema for you allowing you to access your Contentful data via GraphQL.

Extend Contential with Hooks

Hooks allow you to extend Contential at various points in your list’s lifecycle, include on list creation, update and many more. Write your hooks in JavaScript or python.

(Support for other languages coming soon)


Fast access across the world

Store your data in Asia, Europe or the United States for low-latency access.

When your data is stored in multiple regions, Auto-Region automatically routes you to the closest region, allowing you to access the data that is closest to you.


Multiple languages

Locales allow you to store your data in multiple languages. Choose from 500 locales.

Excel to GraphQL

Excel to GraphQL in seconds

Upload Excel and CSV files to turn your spreadsheets into REST and GraphQL APIs in seconds.

Real-time subscriptions

Build real-time applications with the JavaScript SDK by subscribing to changes in your data. Subscriptions can also subscribe to changes in multiple records at once.

(SDKs for Python, Go and other languages coming soon)

const { createClient } = require('@contential/content');
const contential = createClient({
  apiKey: 'e347fea300b50578870fda807ec455',

  regionId: 'us',
  localeId: 'en-US',
  records: [{ recordId: 'my-record' }],
  retryDelay: 5000,
  maxRetryAttempts: 5,
  onConnect: () => console.log('Connected'),
  onData: data => {
  onError: error => console.log(error),
  onDisconnect: () => console.log('Disconnected'),
  onFinalDisconnect: () => console.log('Final Disconnect'),

Works with Zapier

Use Zapier to send data from over 1,000 apps directly to Contential, including Google Sheets, Dropbox, Twitter, Stripe, Google Forms and many more.

Zapier 1
Zapier 2